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Experiential Knowledge SIG

The Special Interest Group on Experiential Knowledge (EKSIG) is concerned with the understanding and role of knowledge in research and professional practice in design. This clarify fundamental principles and practices of using design practice within research, both with regard to research regulations and requirements, and to research methodology. EKSIG was the first Special Interest Group of the DRS.

You can find out more through the dedicated EKSIG website:


Discussion list

EKSIG maintains an open discussion list for announcements and debate about the core issues of knowledge and methodology in research and practice in the creative disciplines.

You can subscribe to the EKSIG discussion list here:



EKSIG organises regular conference activities to provide an active platform for its members. EKSIG runs a biennial conference series: special strands at the DRS and IASDR conferences. To find out more about EKSIG conference activities visit our website:

EKSIG proceedings are openly available through the website.



To join EKSIG, please contact Prof Nithikul Nimkurat










Nithikul Nimkulrat (OCAD Unviersity)










Camilla Groth (University of South-Eastern Norway)


Discussion Forum